BlueLine Grid: Comprehensive Solution for Public Safety and Corporate Communications

BlueLine Grid: Comprehensive Solution for Public Safety and Corporate Communications

BlueLine Grid is a startup with a unique set of tools that solves critical communications and collaboration problems for government and corporate clients. The BlueLine Grid platform enables cross channel communication by and between devices, collaboration platforms, SMS, text-to-voice and email for the world’s most demanding government agencies and corporations.

Customer Challenges

Limited Access:Customers’ communication webs are typically limited to active directories and mainly have email connected to these directories. There is no mechanism to go beyond the world of “who you already know” and connect to mission partners, vendors, other agencies, and third parties.

Limited Situational Awareness: Most BlueLine Grid customers lack real-time geo-location capabilities and the ability to create dynamic groups as situations and tactics warrant.

Cost: Customers are spending resources on multiple, overlapping, unconnected, inefficient systems.

Security and Compliance: Many customers’ employees are using off-the-shelf, consumer apps such as WhatsApp, exposing their organizations to security risks and flouting compliance and data retention regulations.

BlueLine Grid’s Use Cases for Law Enforcement Clients:

Mobilizing a SWAT team, patrol, or entire department. BlueLine Grid notifications are sent via SMS, text-to-voice, email or within companion agency-branded apps. Responses and acknowledgements are returned to a powerful command view.
Location services. BlueLine Grid’s customer agencies can discover the location of their officers and teams and initiate voice, chat or push-to-talk channels based on their location.

Mass telephony. Agencies and commanders use BlueLine Grid’s conference calling services to initiate a conference call with a team, patrol, agency, or multiple agencies from an entire region with only a few clicks. Users’ mobile and/or desk phones ring pursuant to customer-defined escalation paths, and recipients are prompted to join a conference call (including non-BlueLine Grid users who may be invited to join by customer administrators).

Efficiency and compliance. BlueLine Grid is an effective means to get an agency off non-tactical methods of communication such as email as well as WhatsApp and other noncompliant messenger apps. BlueLine Grid provides corporate and agency leadership with a mobile platform that allows the management of access rights and message retention policies.


BlueLine Grid’s data is encrypted in-transit and at rest, and information exchange protocols and user privacy are governed by stringent Federal standards (i.e., NIST 800-53A rev. 4, RMF, FISMA, CJIS, FedRamp). The company complies with all security requirements imposed by its security, law enforcement, and corporate client base. For instance, LAPD’s SWAT team has dramatically reduced its response time to critical incidents by as much as 30 minutes by using its own, dedicated BlueLine Grid platform. SWAT commanders can locate and communicate with SWAT assets nearest an incident seamlessly and dynamically. In another case, the nation’s Jewish Community Centers have improved their connectivity, communications, and security following a number of high-profile bomb threats by using a dedicated BlueLine Grid system.

Cutting edge technology

BlueLine Grid is a trusted partner of several of the world’s leading technology companies, including Motorola Solutions, Cisco, and Amazon Web Services. The company’s suite includes identity management, notification and alerting services, location services, state of the art collaboration tools, mass telephone conferencing, and push-to-talk capabilities. These features interact either via an app or a web-based platform.

BlueLine Grid has recently released technology that connects major third-party collaboration systems such as Microsoft Skype and Cisco Spark to BlueLine Grid, and vice versa, and to limitless recipients within and outside the systems. BlueLine Grid is a true “platform of platforms,” other collaboration systems will be linked shortly, and customers will also be able to consume BlueLine Grid services individually by directly accessing APIs.