Cognitec Systems: Delivering Robust Face Recognition Technology

Cognitec Systems: Delivering Robust Face Recognition Technology

Dr. Jürgen Pampus, VP of Sales & Marketing, Cognitec SystemsDr. Jürgen Pampus, VP of Sales & Marketing
The last five years have seen an escalation in the use of face recognition technology to support crime investigations. While comparisons to mug-shot databases are now a common practice, the investigation of video material has posed new analysis challenges to agents, as the task of reviewing such material is time consuming and tedious. Any means of automation for these processes will help solve crimes more efficiently. Cognitec Systems, the face recognition company, shines in this respect. Since its inception in 2002, Cognitec has been developing innovative products to support the investigation process via automated face recognition tools. Its latest product, FaceVACS-DBScan LE, enables fast import of video footage and detailed investigations of the extracted facial images. Agents can find known or unknown persons in multiple videos to quickly narrow down suspect investigations.

Primarily the software enables the comparison of a digital facial image against the faces in multi-million images stored in mug-shot databases. The software also helps in identifying if a suspect was present in given locations within a particular time window, if the suspect was with the same group of people, or if he/she had visited any location multiple times on a particular day. Investigators can view each appearance of a person in form of a video snippet and from there instantly switch to the original video material and view the corresponding scene. Similarly, a click on another face within the video frame shows all appearances of that person and helps in verifying if that person is by any means connected to the suspect or the crime scene.

Finally, investigators receive candidate lists of similar faces ranked by a match score, which they further inspect to decide on the match probability.

Cognitec’s latest product, FaceVACS-DBScan LE, is a robust facial recognition technology that allows investigators to find known or unknown persons in multiple videos and narrow down on suspects

With a plethora of data generated in the process, it is of utmost importance for authorities to maintain their security posture. Lacking clear regulations to sanction the usage of facial images, many agencies fail to protect the data. In many countries, people also raise questions regarding the source of the images, the intent of collecting them, and on the legality of this process in solving crimes. In addition, many government agencies are moving from local installations to cloud storage. These systems will need even more rigorous and frequent security testing. Cognitec can consult agencies about the responsible use of biometric data and support their implementation of data security measures.

Aside from delivering best data protection practices, customers care about the usability and efficiency of a face recognition solution. Following easy implementation, they need to see immediate benefits to their particular challenges. Cognitec is leading the industry by providing such comprehensive products, along with the personable service and support its customers have come to value. Close relationships with partners and clients allow the company to deliver a fast, flexible approach to their specific use case. “There are no hierarchies to keep us from helping our clients today, as long as it takes, even at their site,” says Dr. Jürgen Pampus, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Cognitec Systems.