PowerDETAILS: Benchmark in Off-Duty Details Management

PowerDETAILS: Benchmark in Off-Duty Details Management

Andy Rivera, General Manager, PowerDETAILSAndy Rivera, General Manager
Recent tragedies at public spaces and private venues have increased demand for security services provided by law enforcement agencies. These off-duty / extra-duty assignments benefit event organizers and attendees, however, finding these jobs is an arduous task for officers and a nightmare to manage for the agency. Officers sometimes do not know a job is available and other times it requires them to visit the agency to sign up for it. Deciding who is eligible and properly rested to work these jobs can be difficult; most agencies have a written policy to clearly state the rules, limits and provide guidance. In 2006 PowerDETAILS set out to help law enforcement agencies with this challenge through an advanced off-duty details management platform. With 11 years of experience distributing over 150,000 hours each month, the company is uniquely positioned to help protect citizens in private venues, while providing officers an opportunity to earn more. “PowerDETAILS helps officers find jobs easily from any phone or computer, while allowing agencies nationwide to enforce the policy and track off-duty hours effortlessly,” says Andy Rivera, General Manager, PowerDETAILS.

The PowerDETAILS platform greatly reduces the workload for off-duty coordinators by automating the coordination—from job request to billing. It automatically enforces the policy and coordinates rescheduling of jobs due to cancellations, leaving no room for compliance violations, a software feature that Rivera describes as “Automagical”. In the event of an assignee being unable to work a scheduled job, PowerDETAILS generates notifications through email and text messages to find a replacement. “Sometimes, completing assignments takes longer than expected; while the agencies need to be aware of such instances, it is difficult for officers to keep track of them. PowerDETAILS collects this information directly through officers’ smartphones at the end of their assignments,” mentions Rivera. Furthermore, the platform automatically collects the hours worked, generates an invoice and exports the data to the agency’s payroll system. The platform ensures accountability in all aspects of off-duty detail coordination.

PowerDETAILS helps officers earn more extra-duty income, and enables the agencies to easily manage the process and make sure the secondary employment policy is enforced

PowerDETAILS runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud to offer unparalleled scalability and security. Being accessible from any device with a web browser requires extra security measures. All communications are encrypted and security is managed and audited in all areas including: Operations, Storage, Networking and User Identity, this guarantees a secure environment for customer data.

The value proposition of PowerDETAILS proved to be a big advantage for one of its customers that managed a three-day long air show. Prior to engaging with PowerDETAILS, the client spent 7 days arranging the staff for the event; however, the platform reduced it to just ten minutes. The personnel that volunteered for the event were notified through text messages of the available positions and within 10 minutes over 300 positions had been filled, officers simply searched the calendar and picked the shift that best suited their schedule. PowerDETAILS has succeeded in eliminating disagreements between coordinators and officers over the assignment of extra-duty jobs. Everyone knows what jobs are available and the system provides equal opportunity to everyone. The platform ensures that officers get sufficient rest as well as opportunities to increase their income.

In the near future, PowerDETAILS plans to launch its platform in Canada and Puerto Rico, from dedicated data centers. A big part of the company’s future will be tied to leveraging new devices and artificial intelligence to evaluate upcoming trends and improve collaboration for off-duty assignments. As devices such as smartwatches and digital assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa come out, PowerDETAILS sees an opportunity to make the process of finding jobs even easier for officers.