QueTel: Software Solutions for Law Enforcement Agencies

QueTel: Software Solutions for Law Enforcement Agencies

James Cleaveland, Chairman, QueTelJames Cleaveland, Chairman
Advanced software technology lets officers spend more time, fighting crime, and less effort wading through unnecessary data to find the needful information. It becomes a force multiplier by eliminating paper work and manual reports, thereby enabling officers to become efficient, respond to more critical calls, and spend more time out in the communities they serve. Numerous counties and police departments are adopting latest technology trends such as cloud computing, yielding some decisive results in the sector. A popular name amongst the decision makers in this space is QueTel, a leader in law enforcement technology solutions space, with its full range of innovative solutions, helping enhance the workflow of backend processes of law enforcement offices.

With 35 years of experience and expertise, QueTel solutions are helping the entire law enforcement sector shift to a paperless system, and produce a seamless workflow within the office space and “on the street.” “We help people who want to make a difference, make that difference,” states James Cleaveland, Chairman, enthusiastically.

QueTel strives to develop an orchestrated model for improving the administrative and back-office operations for law enforcement. The firm helps the law enforcement division make the best use of advancing technology with its tailor-made solutions, catering to the unique needs of every county or police department. The resultant technological brainchild is a uniquely crafted, flawless police database for managing physical evidence, digital evidence (including redaction services), laboratory analysis, police equipment, uniforms, and supplies and training management. Known as the TraQ Suite—the entire solution helps in keeping track of the data entered, along with managing the processes with ease.

QueTel’s portfolio of products resides in TraQ Suite with a universal user interface, making each software solution incredibly easy to operate. Also, clients can purchase any one or a combination of solutions depending on their needs and requirements.

The TraQ Suite’s family of applications includes nine software solutions, improving the backend processes, along with automating the workflow for the police officers as well

As opposed to companies that continue to sell 20th Century applications, QueTel’s engineering and client oriented support has adopted each net tested technology to keep its Suite family of Crème de la Crème applications at the lead in features as well as technology. These includes nine software solutions.

Moreover, the company has launched a mobile application for the police force, supporting both Android devices and iOS. This app allows users to record and store images, videos, interviews, and evidence; enter officer notes, with evidence descriptions. QueTel provides a full range of implementation services and consultation to guarantee that the software solutions—TraQ Suite—satisfy the clients’ demands, reducing any specified backend process shortages.

The software solutions or the whole Suite is installed on the clients’ server. QueTel can also host the client purchased solution on its cloud server, which complies with the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) standard.

From MS-DOS to now being a cloud-based platform, QueTel has come a long way maintaining superior product quality and finesse. The company has advanced a lot in terms of its software solutions and enhancements, services,and processes. With its unparalleled commitment and constant delivery against changing demands of the market, QueTel has raised the bar for every other law enforcement solution provider in the world.