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Commtech Design: Securing Correctional Facilities with State-of-the-Art tech

Top 10 Law Enforcement Service/consulting Companies - 2020

As technology continues to reshape nearly every sector of society, law enforcement agencies are also transforming their operations with innovative technology tools. Whether it is the federal or state enforcement agency, upholding the law, deterring crime, and managing offenders require immediate access to all of the information and the most efficient use of resources for effective case management.

Today, most law enforcement agencies are grappling with changes in technology and new security threats, which calls for rejig of the policing strategies and techniques to properly balance the community’s needs and the safety of their personnel. To overcome these challenges, most departments and agencies are enhancing the transparency levels, adopting new strategies and technologies to enhance participation and collaboration between law enforcement agencies and communities to prevent crime efficiently. Modern technology tools such as car cameras, information-sharing platforms, social media, body-worn cameras, geographic information system technology (GIS), cell phone tracking, robust data security system, and investigative case management software are already prevalent among the law enforcement agencies.

Many new technology tools such as robotic cameras, handheld lasers, automatic license plate recognition systems, unmanned aircraft vehicle (UAS), GPS vehicle-pursuit dart, thermal imaging technology, gunshot detection systems (GDS), and others are also surfacing to enhance the response time of the law enforcement professionals. On the other hand, the use of data analysis systems is also on the rise to help law enforcement agencies make data-driven decisions in pre-empting and fighting crimes.

With enhanced scrutiny of law enforcement activities, especially in times of diminished resources, the law enforcement agencies are on the lookout to find efficient technology systems that can help enhance their crime-fighting and preventing capabilities. Several new players and established players are coming up with innovative consulting and technology solutions to help them curb the crime rates and improve communication with other agencies and communities. In this Issue of Govt CIO Outlook, we have compiled a list of “Top 10 Law Enforcement Consulting/ Service Companies 2020” that are transforming policing to help law enforcement agencies serve the public in a better way and catch criminals more competently.

We Present you Govt CIO Outlook’s “Top 10 Law Enforcement Consulting/Service Companies - 2020.”

    Top Law Enforcement Service/consulting Companies

  • Commtech Design works within a reasonable budget, providing versatile options that serve the specific needs of correctional facilities, helping them design today’s best monitoring solutions. The surveillance systems designed by the company are tested to be viable in the long run, ensuring unparalleled robustness as well as flexibility. Unlike most cases, where recorded footage is examined after an incident occurs, these surveillance systems can perform live monitoring as well. The company plants its camera units at strategic points so that even if one camera is too far away to identify a person, a second camera can be used to zoom in and identify them

  • One of the basic principles of Focal Forensics' redaction-as-a-service offering is the security of information. The company receives all the videos following the CJIS guidelines, a Federal mandate that defines the minimum standard of security controls required for interacting with criminal justice information, and stores those in their offline repositories. The company's digital forensic professionals then leverage both manual and semi-automated video redaction tools to redact videos according to their clients' demands



    ARA Fraud & Forensic Services is a leading investigative forensic accounting firm that specializes in fraud prevention, investigations and litigation support. Their primary goal is to provide proactive solutions for clients’ in a timely, comprehensive and discreet manner. Whether it’s a criminal or civil case, their experts use investigative skills and analytical methodologies to assess fraud, lost profits, economic damages and to identify hidden assets. Through detailed inquiries and examinations their highly credentialed professionals provide an impartial means to establish truths, evaluate implications and identify remedies to prevent and minimize any financial impact

  • FinePoint Digital Forensics

    FinePoint Digital Forensics

    FinePoint Digital Forensics exists to solve critical issues facing their clients, both large and small. The company’s unique digital investigative background is not only what differentiates them, but also what makes them successful. They provide a broad range of services and solutions to collect, process, preserve, analyze, and present digital evidence to help clients tell a story. Because the company utilize sound forensic principles, the information they recover and analyze may be used in a court of law if needed

  • Forensic Data Corp

    Forensic Data Corp

    Forensic Data Corp is focused on providing the premiere computer forensics and e-discovery services to law firms, corporations, and government agencies throughout the southeastern United States. The FDC lab maintains a full complement of computer forensic and e-discovery hardware and software. They have the ability extract and analyze data from Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, as well as mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets and GPS units. FDC is licensed as a private investigation agency in Florida and Georgia

  • Future Focus Forensics

    Future Focus Forensics

    Future Focus Forensics offers consultancy services in the field of forensics. Forensics is composed of many different specialties, including crime scene investigation, bloodstain pattern analysis, shooting reconstruction, latent print examination, etc. The company guarantees a comprehensive, objective, scientific examination of the case, collaboratively utilizing leading experts in the field. They support attorneys, agencies and private organizations by providing evidence-based solutions to modern-day problems. All final products are peer-reviewed by leading forensic experts

  • Law Enforcement Software Services

    Law Enforcement Software Services

    Law Enforcement Software Services offers customized development services that provide a single user interface for querying records management & LPR data as well as Crime and LPR mapping. It also offers Emergency Management & Planning which is targeted at the small to medium size town or village seeking to enhance or establish emergency services by sharing information with adjacent communities; By focusing exclusively on New York State Incident Based Reporting (IBR) requirements, Police Management System is able to deliver an intuitive user interface that significantly reduces the frustrations of Incident Based Reporting



    NCAVF, the National Center for Audio And Video Forensics, provides full-service consulting, investigation, forensic enhancement, and media preparation for audio and video evidence used in mediations, arbitration, hearings, and court. The company is nationally recognized and court approved with proven results, trusted every day to assess and clarify recorded audio and video evidence, keeping videos and related evidence private, creating clear courtroom presentations, and always maintaining a clear chain of custody

  • OPTiMO Information Technology

    OPTiMO Information Technology

    OPTiMO Legal Technology is a national provider of litigation consulting, digital investigations and forensics, eDiscovery and legal managed services. Their certified experts are court tested and have decades of experience. The company laboratory uses the latest in forensic tools and technologies and their eDiscovery managed services are scalable and affordable.Their proprietary processes and procedures maintain the highest level of integrity throughout the lifecycle of the investigative and discovery process

  • Shadowtrack Technologies

    Shadowtrack Technologies

    Shadowtrack is a house arrest monitoring and an offender communication platform tool available to the Community Corrections industry that can be used as an alternative to expensive, traditional and embarrassing house arrest, home incarceration monitoring or home detention methods. With Shadowtrack, it is not necessary for the enrollee to install expensive electronic monitoring devices on themselves or at their residence for House Arrest monitoring. Unlike costly traditional home incarceration programs, Shadowtrack can be implemented for a fraction of the cost