Top 10 Law Enforcement Solution Providers - 2018
Ande Breaking New Ground in DNA Identification

Top 10 Law Enforcement Solution Providers - 2018

With the constant proliferation of technology, the sophistication of crime, too, has increased manifold. The use of technology has transcended the boundaries of cybercrimes and its impact can be witnessed in crimes of all forms. Evidently, the law enforcement agencies face tremendous scrutiny from the public as well as media. In such a vexed scenario adopting technology and other alternative measures are absolutely necessary for law enforcement organizations. To that end, majority of departments and agencies are enhancing the transparency levels, adopting new policies to increase participation between law enforcement agencies and communities, deploying new technologies to prevent crimes as well as enhance communication, and more.

In today’s era, mobile phones have become ubiquitous and many of them have processing capability of desktop computers, implying that law enforcers can work from any place at any time of the day. Furthermore, there are numerous applications that allow swift transmitting and receiving of messages, thereby enhancing the communication channel across various departments. Many agencies–especially the police department–has resorted to the use of body worn camera to improve community relationships and bridge the trust deficit between law enforcers and common people. Besides, biometric, augmented and virtual reality, drones, and other technologies are also being used by law enforcement agencies to mitigate risks and crimes. However, all of these are just few glimpses of the bigger technology revolution that has gripped the law enforcement landscape.

In such a diverse and dynamic playfield, the market is replete with technology solutions. In order to enable the personnel of in law enforcement agencies to pick the apt solutions provider, Govt. CIO Outlook has charted out top 10 companies that offer tailor-made and efficient solutions that fit into the budget and satiate the business requirements of an organization.

Govt. CIO Outlook presents “Top 10 Law Enforcement Solution Providers 2018”.

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
ANDE Believes that moving DNA analysis from sophisticated laboratories to the police stations, ports, battlefields, booking centers, and disaster sites will dramatically transform public safety and strengthen national security
Cognitec Systems Cognitec Systems develops market-leading face recognition technologies and applications for enterprise and government customers
INTEGRITYOne Partners Provides one-stop shop to tackle the most complex and daunting IT challenges in the law enforcement space
NGA 911 NGA 911 is a tech company changing the way people call through 9-1-1
NowForce Provides comprehensive mobile solutions for security, campus security, and public safety organizations, enabling reduced response times, full situational awareness, and enhanced communications
QueTel Provides software solutions to manage physical and digital evidence, laboratory analysis; equipment, uniforms, and supplies; and police training
Radarsign Provides in durable, affordable, reliable, and ecological traffic calming solutions to enhance pedestrian safety
SCRAM Systems Provides alcohol testing technologies for the criminal justice industry
Telmate Provider of inmate communications services with a primary mission to create innovative technologies
United Public Safety Leading provider of enforcement, asset tracking, and business process automation software for modern governments