Top 10 Law Enforcement Technology Consulting/Services Companies - 2019
Accuracy and Access: Some Issues Facing Law Enforcement Information Systems

Top 10 Law Enforcement Technology Consulting/Services Companies - 2019

The law enforcement department has forever been focussed on public safety and security. However, with the advent of technology, the approach to it has witnessed a change. The agencies have started undertaking the use of sophisticated technology to combat crime and maintain a state of order. These technologies are not only helping the police officials augment their proceedings but allowing them to exercise better control and predictive analysis.

For one, the law enhancement agencies are actively deploying augment reality (AR) to enhance the ability to accomplish a wide variety of tasks and assignments. These hi-tech AR-powered tools can overlay virtual images into a person’s real-life field of vision, laying out a better picture of the case in-hand to the officials. In addition, the proliferation of smart sensors and the internet of things (IoT) are empowering authorities to serve justice and reduce crime rates by providing them with smart devices to increase productivity. Law enforcement authorities are also leveraging such technologies to make sure that their employees are updating themselves with technologies to be able to perform their duties efficiently.

Gone are the days when police employees have to sift through a large repository data to get to the old records. With the upcoming technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), the data is all sorted and just a click away. Moreover, with AI, machine and deep learning, identification technology has become more advanced, where the authorities are quicker in solving a case or bust a crime. There are several other cutting-edge technologies like speech recognition, license plate readers, and body cameras, which are bringing out huge revelation in the law enforcement arena with the sole motive to make it more judicial and transparent.

With an arsenal of similar leading-edge technologies entering the market, Govt CIO Outlook brings to you some of the leading law enforcement service and consultancy providers to paint a clearer picture of the proliferating trends and practices in the laws and order arena. The featured profiles like Fortress UAV in the edition talk about harnessing the power of drones and the need to continually maintain these high-quality automobiles. The company provides overall regular care and support for drones deployed by the anti-crime forces.  To further unfurl more trending insights on the same, we also have several CIOs talking about innovations, industrial happenings, and giving their advice to the aspiring CIOs. We hope this issue of the Govt CIO Outlook helps you build the partnership you and your firm need to cultivate a technologically-driven business.

We present to you Govt CIO Outlook’s “Top 10 Law Enforcement Consulting/Services Companies – 2019.”

    Top Law Enforcement Technology Consulting Companies

  • Fortress UAV a Texas-based company offers fleet management, provides repair, preventative maintenance and support for multiple top drone manufacturers including DJI, Yuneec, Parrot and Doosan Mobility Innovations. It is a one-stop-shop for all drone-related repair and maintenance needs and has grown to become an established player in the domain

  • Known today as Norton LifeLock, the collaborative effort between Symantec and LifeLock offers services encompassing consumer cybersecurity, identity threat detection, proactive identity theft alerts, and comprehensive remediation services. At the core, Norton LifeLock’s products help proactively detect identity theft-related incidents, such as new account openings and credit-related applications. If there is an activity involving their personal information, the company alerts the users through its patented LifeLock Identity Alert system, and users can confirm whether they were aware of the activity. If in an instance, the user denies any knowledge of the said activity, Norton LifeLock provides an award-winning identity restoration team to help resolve the issue

  • Citygate Associates, LLC

    Citygate Associates, LLC

    Citygate is a public sector consultancy dedicated to “The Business of Better Government.” through its “Virtual City Hall” model. The firm provides management consulting to the full array of local government functions, with particular emphasis on fire protection, law enforcement, community development, public works, animal services, and human resources. Citygate has conducted over 500 consulting engagements for over 250 government agencies in the West, providing itself with a nuanced understanding of the financing and delivery of government services

  • Aftermath


    Founded in 1996, Aftermath is the national specialist provider of biohazard remediation services, also known as Crime Scene Cleanup or Crime and Trauma Scene Decontamination (CTS decon). Aftermath’s goal is to restore safety and usability to affected structures quickly and to help people get back to their lives with the least amount of pain possible. Some of the services that the organization offers are crime scene cleanup, suicide clean up, trauma cleanup, hoarding, and filth cleaning, death clean up, tear gas remediation, bio-recovery, and blood spill & accident cleanup

  • Chartis Federal

    Chartis Federal

    Chartis Federal is a systems engineering and integration firm that specializes in mission-critical communications for law enforcement, public safety, and homeland security. The enterprise’s mission is to keep America’s heroes safe and connected, on the border, and in the backyards. Chartis has worked with more than 20 agencies in the last decade and currently supports over 50,000 officers, agents, and field personnel serving nationwide to secure 9,500 federal facilities and the entire U.S. border. Some of Chartis’s key specialties include enterprise optimization, software solutions, IT infrastructure, LMR systems, and cybersecurity

  • ESD America

    ESD America

    ESD America Inc is a defense and law enforcement technology provider. The organization was initially formed in Australia in 2005 with a goal to provide technical security assistance to government and corporate clients across Asia. ESD’s team of engineers, former police, military, and security professionals now offer equipment and training to more than 40 countries. The services that ESD offers are fire and emergency medical services consulting, emergency management and incident command training, law enforcement, local government, executive search and staffing, and leadership and organizational culture

  • Hillard Heintze

    Hillard Heintze

    Hillard Heintze, a Jensen Hughes company, is one of the leading security risk management firms in the world. The enterprise is trusted around the globe to deliver innovative, prevention-oriented advisory solutions that help clients improve performance and outcomes in protecting what matters— their people, performance, interests, and reputation. Hillard supports clients worldwide with practices in security risk management, workplace violence prevention, investigations, due diligence, law enforcement consulting, police department assessment, risk, threat and vulnerability assessment, security operations assessment, executive protection, security risk consulting, open-source intelligence, private client security, background investigations, litigation support, emergency preparedness, active shooter response, behavioral threat assessment, and security assessment



    IPTACS delivers client-focused, research, and field-based training to governments and their public safety divisions worldwide. The firm aims that they offer services in a way that that law enforcement organizations will be able to achieve a sustainable and independent training and development capacity that reflects best practices and continuous improvement. The firm’s greatest strength is the quality of the people. IPTACS’ associates and management team represent some of the most highly qualified and experienced criminal justice educators, trainers, and consultants. Law enforcement and security, counter-terrorism, fire operations and emergency medical training, border operations are some of the key specialties of the firm

  • Kroll


    Established in 1972, Kroll, a division of Duff & Phelps is the leading global provider of risk solutions. For more than 45 years, the enterprise has helped clients make confident risk management decisions about people, assets, operations, and security. The enterprise offers a wide range of services comprising investigations, cybersecurity, due diligence and compliance, physical and operational security, and data and information management. Some of the industries that Kroll provides services are finance, legal, healthcare, retail, maritime, education, and non-profit

  • Yerra Solutions

    Yerra Solutions

    Yerra was founded in 2013 with the goal of providing solutions that make demonstrable positive impacts on the way their clients do business. The enterprise delivers consulting and technology-enabled managed services to its legal & IP, eDiscovery & investigations and compliance clients to streamline and scale operations, increase productivity, and use data more strategically. Yerra’s technology-enabled managed service, Yerra Clearly, provides corporate legal and IP departments a simpler, more effective way to implement eBilling and legal spend management, contract management, knowledge management, and workload/demand management